Monday, July 23, 2012

Final Quadrant Solutions introduces a new functionality “Inward Loading” to connect travel agencies and hotel inventory suppliers

FinalQuadrant unveiled it’s a new functionality “Inward Loading” for its existing complete ERP system, SuiteCase.
Every travel agency face problems while connecting to its travel suppliers whether it is for uploading contracts or managing the complex contracts from these hotel suppliers. Previously the travel agency used to get the contracts from the hotel suppliers then upload and feed the contracts into the systems themselves. The process was time consuming and causing various errors.
Final Quadrant came up with a new web-based solution called “Inward Loading” for the travel companies who were using FQ system SuiteCase. The new solution enabled the hotel suppliers to upload the contacts on their own. This revolutionary functionality also facilitated the supplier to increase or decrease the availability of the hotel rooms thus easing the work load of the travel company. Communication was far more easier and effective now making the booking process easier, faster and more efficient.
* Hotel Consolidators/suppliers are companies that buy--or contract to buy--major blocks of airline seats or hotel rooms cheaply far in advance. Or they have access to a surplus inventory of deeply discounted tickets and hotel rooms that they are free to sell at slightly marked-up prices.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Turbulence in the Air: Technology is the Answer

The number of fares and fare changes continue to increase. The Global Distribution System (GDS) holds more than 200 million fares, and 20 million fare changes in one week is not unusual.

What FinalQuadrant offers is a Air Fare Management system which is a robust, state of the art product that aims towards the centralized maintenance of extremely complex negotiated airfares along with all their associated rules and regulations into a single database. This software is designed to work in a de-centralized environment, is loaded with features, and has an extremely flexible interface that can be customized according to company needs.

The application can connect to any of the servers as long as the user has rights for accessing data of other companies.

• Centralized maintenance of various complex negotiated fares with all associated rules and regulations. Single central database that does away with the need for every airline office to maintain separate databases.
• Total administrative control that ensures that users can access only specific/ relevant data.
• User-friendly interface where even the most complex data can be easily fed in.
• No interference in functioning of system during the process of data input/change.
• Enables any front end or authorized Airline personnel to search and retrieve its fares in real time.
• Retrieval is extremely fast and accurate, with correct pricing after all required quality and validity checks.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Technologies Improve Web Presence

It is not enough to rely on existing technologies and legacy systems. In this turbulent economic environment, you must harness the power of innovation to find competitive edge and profitability. The long road to recovery in 2010 and beyond will be paved with the remnants of old inefficient processes. Truly innovative companies, small and large, startup and existing, will find success in today’s complex travel market.

FinalQuadrant’s SuiteCase is the most modern and robust system for travel companies to manage their day to day complex processes. It is a comprehensive next generation travel technology platform that provides multiple sales channels (customer website, subagents, call center), ready 3rd Party Connectivity, Fares Management (negotiated & published), mid & back office suite, dynamic packaging, CRM, MIS reporting and other connected components.

The technology provides a holistic view of the entire organization’s activities and provides seamless integration of all the business transactions helping organization do their business cost effectively and intelligently. Using SuiteCase, travel companies can focus on their business by automating non value adding processes, and helping them to align technology investments with profitability.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inventory Management - Critical Part of the Travel Business

• Frequent debit vouchers (ADMs) & errors
• Manual contract management
• Manual and tedious BSP reconciliation
• Inability to resell negotiated inventory
• Inability to push last-minute inventory
• Inability to sell across multiple channels

Are these problems troubling a smooth functioning at your travel agency??

Travel and Tourism, the world’s biggest industry, is poised for its next phase of evolution. Travel consolidators and resellers today are facing the challenge to sustain the market leadership by being able to offer multiple products at competitive prices and constantly exploring newer avenues to reduce operational cost. In order to survive and grow in a rapidly growing and restructuring ecosystem, Travel Suppliers & Content Providers need to partner with a smart Travel Technology company with integrated connectivity tools, enabling them to adapt to the fundamental shifts in how travel is being bought and sold. Today, we need to offer our travel agents a much advanced complete end-to-end integrated and advanced technology solutions to enable them manage their business much more effectively and profitably.” 
“Final Quadrant Solutions, a travel technology company offers inventory sellers more value than ever before. We offer Travel suppliers, Content Providers and Content Aggregators a platform and an additional distribution channel for their travel inventory distribution needs. We not only offer these companies a ready-made technology platform for addressing real distribution challenges, but also a compelling presence in its sales channel.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Being Online & Selling is Every Travel Company’s Goal

In this turbulent economic environment, you must harness the power of innovation to find competitive edge and profitability. Travel companies are under intense pressure to find innovative ways to both maximize revenue and reduce costs. Margins are razor thin, the pool of high value customers continues to shrink, competition is fierce and there is no integrated view of the business. Truly innovative companies, small and large, startup and existing, will find success in today’s complex travel market by adopting Internet technology for business improvement and benefits.

FinalQuadrant’s technologies can help the traditional travel company to achieve its goal of being online and selling.

At Final Quadrant, we assist organizations in building execution models that improves operational efficiency, sell through various sales channels, increase customer base & increase value per transaction & organizational growth through our unique FinalQuadrant SuiteCase. Our experience in the online travel arena let you capitalize in this new market quickly and effortlessly.

Friday, January 8, 2010


FinalQuadrant's SuiteCase is a comprehensive, fully integrated and automated platform for Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Online Travel Portals and Travel Suppliers. Travel companies can fully leverage the advantages of Final Quadrant’s unique platform to enhance sales and reduce costs by providing precise enterprise integration and out of the box solutions.

  1. A comprehensive end-to-end web-based enterprise solution based on stable and scalable technology
  2. Sell through Website, Call Center, Sub-Agent, Club-Member, Corporate login in Multi Languages and Currency
  3. Manage Fares + Inventory for Hotel, Flights/Charter, Packages, Car, Cruise, Insurance & others
  4. Ready connectivity with 3rd party content – GDS, Hotel Aggregators, Car Rentals, Payment Gateways
  5. Multi-product, Multi-supplier booking engine with blended display for Hotel, Flights, Packages, Car Rentals
  6. Sell Dynamic packages – Flight + Hotel, Flight + Hotel + Car, Hotel + Car with Insurance
  7. Manage complex markups across Channels, Products, Suppliers, Geographies, Client Types
  8. Complete document control with automated invoicing, vouchers, receipts and supplier documents
  9. Single view booking information – Client, Pax, Itinerary, Costing, Payment, Documents and Booking Logs
  10. Booking queues and lists for tracking a booking from different stages and channels
  11. Client Management system with complete history of the client and query management
  12. Admin control to manage Markups, Users, VAT, System Charges, Discounts, Credit Cards and Policies
  13. MIS and Reports for Accounting, Sales, Products, Suppliers and BSP
  14. Roles and Rights based access for complete Security and Authority
  15. Quick integration with Existing Accounting System and OTA compliant for outward integrations.